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IP44 Dimmable Touch Sensor Switch for Mirror LED Lighting 9617
    Publish time 2016-10-17 13:51    

IP44 rated, conform to CE and RoHS standard
It has dimming function, with silicone pad around the back of the housing, good water resistance
The light indicator can be BLUE, WHITE color, different color temperature available
Input and output cable length can be adjustable per request

  • Size : L57*W65*H10mm
  • Operating input & output voltage : 12V and 24V as well
  • Max Current : 3A
  • Max Wattage : 72W
  • Material : Rugged,eco-friendly PC housing
  • IP Rating : IP44

Key Points : This mirror sensor is suitable for 12VDC and 24VDC as well. It's not a simple on/off switch, but also with dimming function. When connect all the electronic parts together, touch the sensor, the light on; long touch you can enjoy the dimming function to change the light brightness into any level you want. Touch again, the light is off.

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